Dexter Flats

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Current Rental Rates

7710 Second Street

- Ranging from $925 to $1.200.00 **

3621 Hudson Street

- Ranging from $965 to $1,250.00**

*Add $30 for a end unit

**Two bedroom unit

Rental Process

 Important Information:

- We understand that when you are coming from out of town, it can be difficult to get to the area to view an apartment.  Approximately 40% of our apartments are rented sight unseen through the internet.  Contact us if you are interested in renting a unit before moving to Dexter/Ann Arbor and we can help you with the process.

-One year lease minimum

- The one bedroom apartments are great for singles, they are small for two people

- Credit check is required as a part of the application

- Apartment showings require notice as all units are occupied

- Strict no-dog policy



Unit availability is routinely updated as current residents notify management of their plans to move out. Additionally, any available apartments will be posted on Craigslist and Rentlinx. 

We have two openings for summer all the other apartments are rented until 2019

Apartment A in the 3621 building is a desirable, private, quiet end unit.  available Sept 1 it rents for $985.00 per month

Apartment G in the 3621 building is also a end unit with a tall loft ceiling and it is a little smaller it rents for $950.00 per month

If you would like to join our waiting list please fill in an application and we will contact you if an apartment becomes available.  You do not need to include your social security number at this time.

Thank you. 

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